Alternative Uses for Spices

Alternative Uses for Spices

Looking back through history, we quickly realise that spices have had many other purposes other than flavouring our food. Some spices were even worth more than gold! Interestingly, most people these days only use spices for seasoning, even though they are cheaper than they've ever been before.

Today we will revive a bit of knowledge about the many ways of using spices and introduce five alternative uses for them.


Spices release wonderful scents, so it's not surprising that they can also be used for aromatherapy. Many scented candles still contain spices and herbs. The following spices are particularly great for aromatherapy:

You can use these spices as ingredients in homemade scented candles or simply put them in a pot of water and let it simmer on the stove. You could also drop some spices into a carrier oil or water in an oil diffuser.

Insect Repellent

Citronella is commonly used in insect repellant also with cedar or lemongrass. The essential oils found in spices both mask our scent and repel insects. Essential oils can be drizzled over ant trails to keep ants away, for example. Lighting springs of rosemary releases their essential oils, keeping away mosquitos.

Natural Skincare Remedies

Spices can also be applied externally! For example, the capsaicin in chillies can help with muscle pain because it desensitizes the pain receptors in our muscles. Menthol, which occurs naturally in mint leaves, has a similar effect. Chili and menthol oils can help with muscle aches.

Scented Sachets

Due to the beguiling smell many spices release, some people love to make sachets out of them and leave them in their clothing drawers or wardrobes.


Spices and herbs are not only a treat for nose and tastebuds, many of them are also beautiful to look at (like cinnamon bark). Many spices also are naturally bright in colour. You can simply use a glass jar, fill it with spices of your choice and put a candle on top. You can also use the spices featured in your spice rack as a kitchen decoration.