Cayenne Pepper - Deliciously Hot & Healthy

Cayenne pepper is notorious for its spiciness. Many people he is therefore hold it of high esteem in the kitchen. It is also used as a cure and may even have a supportive effect in losing weight.

"Wow, that's hot!" Cayenne is not for the faint of heart. There are varieties that are so incredibly hot that they can almost not be eaten. Don't panic though, there are hundreds of different types in total, from a mild to a fiery flavor.

Cayenne pepper has nothing to do with pepper. It is made from dried chillies, and is simply ground. Normally cayenne pepper, which takes its name from the port city of Cayenne in French Guiana, is derived from the chili of the same name. Often similar pepper varieties are also called "cayenne".

The History

Chilis and chili powders have been used for millenia by Native Americans. Traces of use have been dated back to 7000 years ago. For the Incas, the plants were called Axi. They used it to season dishes and as a remedy.

Chili was originally found in Central and South America. However, the Spaniards brought these plants to Europe after the discovery of America. Today they are grown almost everywhere. One thing, however, has not changed: chillies must still be harvested manually by hand.


Cayenne pepper is used for cooking and as a remedy. In the kitchen it can be used for dishes of all kinds. It is used in dishes from meat, fish, and sausage to sauces, the most famous of which is Tabasco sauce.

A burning sharpness is the top characteristic of chili. This is caused by the so-called capsaicin substance. Capsaicin stimulates the heat and pain receptors of the skin and mucous membranes, which results in burning sensation. A excess also causes painful sharpness and heat.

This is exactly why chili is also used as a remedy. Stimulating the heat and pain receptors, causes the circulation to be stimulated. With the help of heat plasters containing capsaicin, muscle spasms can be mitigated. It also stimulates circulation and digestion. Chili also could help kill bacteria and could have analgesic effects, because it makes pain receptors less sensitive.

Supports Weight Loss

Recent studies have shown that cayenne pepper also aids in weight loss. The increased body temperature during consumption expresses itself in the heat, so the energy expenditure of the body is increased, so calories burned faster. In addition, cayenne aids in appetite suppression. Here the taste is important. It should also be said that the more often you eat cayenne pepper, the less you feel the effects.