Iced Coffee & Cold Brew - Invigorating Refreshments For Summer

Iced Coffee & Cold Brew - Invigorating Refreshments For Summer

Heat and air conditioning pose a challenge to our bodies, reduce concentration and motivation - and not only at work. How do we get back to normal? One way to get our mojo back to drink refreshing ice-cold drinks that are revitalising, energising as well as easy to make. Iced coffee and cold brew are contenders for the top favorites for this Mission Impossible.

Iced Coffee: Shock-frozen and packed with aroma
When the mercury levels rise, light food and drinks are the better choice. Ice coffee gets you going again, tastes amazing and doesn't need added ice cream. Seriously. All you need is your favourite ground coffee prepared in an espresso maker or filter coffee machine - both varieties make coffee that is intense in flavour and very effective. If you are using an espresso maker, go ahead and follow your usual procedure. But if you are using a filter coffee machine, there is a slight change - after adding the coffee grounds to the filter, cover the grounds completely with hot water and leave for 10 seconds. Baristas call this step "blooming" because this allows the aromas of the coffee grounds to develop fully, i.e. "bloom". Then pour in the rest of the water and let it drip into the carafe below. In an espresso maker, the coffee is ready when you hear a hissing sound. Take it off the heat immediately and let it cool briefly. Next, fill up your favourite glasses with ice cubes and slowly pour the hot coffee over the ice cubes. At this step, the aromas are released again. It is not uncommon for first-timers to experience the taste of their favourite coffee in a whole new way and discover hidden facets in their favourite blend.

Which beans are best? For iced coffee, baristas recommend beans with notes of nut, chocolate and spice. At low temperatures, these aromas have the upper hand making them ideal for iced coffee. Latin American and African varieties usually fit the profile perfectly.

Coffe ice cubes - The perfect option if you prefer not to water down the taste of your iced coffee with ice cubes made of water. You will need to prepare these in advance - pour cooled, freshly made coffee into your ice cube tray and freeze. You can serve your iced coffee with a mix of water ice cubes and coffee ice cubes or only with coffee ice cubes.

Want it sweeter and creamier? Once the coffee is chilling on the ice cubes, pour in some condensed milk, coffee creamer, whole milk, or milk alternatives such as a barista-quality oat drink. Bear in mind however that less is more. Next, add the sweetener of your choice. For a sophisticated touch, pour it into a shaker and shake vigorously. Then strain and serve with coffee ice cubes.

Frappuccino: Bar syrups are a great way to add flavour. Varieties such as caramel or cinnamon taste harmonious while mint and raspberry add contrast. Add sparingly along with milk or cream.

Do you prefer filter coffee? Then consider buying a ceramic coffee filter or a French press - both are practical, easy to use and environmentally friendly.

Cold Brew: Cold coffee brewed overnight
You've probably come across the term before, but what exactly is a cold brew? In contrast to iced coffee, a cold brew is not made with hot water or shock-frozen over ice. Instead, cold water is poured over coffee grounds - baristas recommend using soft filtered water - and left to stand at room temperature for about 12 hours. During this time, all the aromas of the bean are absorbed into the water - exquisitely pure and undamaged. The cold brewing process preserves a variety of flavours that hot coffee cannot match. After the brewing time, the coffee is filtered through a sieve and served. It sounds rather complicated but is actually very easy and totally worth it if you want to enjoy the pure and authentic taste of coffee. Tip: If you want to get the most from your coffee beans, grind them fresh before preparation - with a hand grinder, for example.

What you should not forget if you drink a lot of coffee every day: DRINK WATER! The glass of water served along with the cup of coffee in your favourite café is not only a nice gesture but also helps to keep the water balance in your body.