Journey with Tartuflanghe into the Truffle Forest

Journey with Tartuflanghe into the Truffle Forest

Every year from October to the end of November, Alba and the surrounding towns in the Piedmont region of Italy are transformed into a gourmet paradise because this is when the famous white truffle makes its appearance. To mark this very special time, the town hosts the world-famous International White Truffle Festival around the same time. Here gourmets can taste truffle specialties and purchase the best truffle products too.

With roots in the picturesque town of Alba in Piedmont, Tartuflanghe is one of the best-known truffle specialists and traders in the world. The search for truffles has a long tradition at the company which specialises in truffle delicacies and presenting new products. In the past, the truffle was put "on" the tagliatelle but Tartuflanghe put it "inside" the product directly. A truffle stays fresh only for a few days. The truffle experts at Tartuflanghe developed a cryo-drying process to preserve the truffle. Originally the truffle was a rare product with a select few customers. Tartuflange expanded the circle of buyers by offering the aromatic mushroom in many forms: from refined gourmet dishes to simple moments of pure indulgence. Furthermore, efficiency in supply chain management and processing has allowed Tartuflanghe to develop a special relationship with the best restaurants and chefs in the world. Top chefs create innovative truffles products through constant research and development in the in-house workshops.

The history of Tartuflanghe goes back to 1968 when Beppe Montanaro opened a restaurant specialising in mushrooms and truffles in the town of Alba. A few years later he came up with a new business idea. He founded the Tartuflanghe company in Piobesi d'Alba with his wife Domenica in 1975. Today Tartuflanghe cultivates more than 20 hectares of truffle fields in the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato regions. The truffle hunters collect from these forested areas every day. As soon as the precious, oddly shaped culinary treasures arrive at the company, they are carefully examined, sorted and cataloged according to their sensory and aesthetic qualities. The best fresh truffles are shipped all over the world. Others refine new recipes thanks to the processes developed by the Tartuflanghe team.

The first truffle specialties were developed to give customers the opportunity to enjoy the incomparable taste of truffles even when they are out of season. With this goal in mind, the world's first truffle pasta was created in 1990: "Tartufissima", a pretty Italian word that translates as "the best of truffles". In 1992, the product was recognised as the best novelty of the year at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York. Based on "Tagliolini al tartufo", products such as risotto, polenta and cheese fondue were later added to the range. The recipes created by Beppe authentically reflected the traditional cuisine of Piedmont and immediately conquered the haute cuisine market.

Tartuflanghe has obtained international certifications such as IFS – International Featured Standards and BRC – British Retail Consortium; both are recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative. These international standards are considered a fundamental qualification in the food industry and demonstrate a commitment to food safety, quality and legality. They also enable up-to-date further development and continuous improvement.