Piper nigrum

Peppercorns can be served whole, dried or ground with your dishes. Pepper is a universal spice in European and North American cuisine. Pepper plays a particularly large role in many different spice blends. In the kitchen, there are two rules of thumb for using pepper: white pepper goes with light dishes, black pepper goes with dark dishes.

Types of Pepper

Green pepper
Green peppercorns are harvested unripe and are immediately placed in salt, pickled or freeze-dried in a special process. Green pepper is very aromatic and very versatile. Venison, lamb and pork enjoy a delicate flavor with a little added pepper.

Black pepper
Also harvested green, these peppercorns are harvested immature and are then dried in the sun - thus they gain their black color. Black pepper is ideal for sauces, soups, marinades and grilled meat and has a spicy, tart flavor.

White pepper
Although the peppercorns are actually red, fully ripe harvested berries are watered for about a week before their skin is removed. Then the grains are dried in the sun and and change color. White pepper is milder than the other peppers and therefore works best with light sauces, fish and salads.

Pink pepper
This variety comes from the Brazilian pepper tree that is native to South America. The pink berries are processed the same as the black pepper. They are rather sweet and slightly spicy in taste.

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