Introducing Staud's

Introducing Staud's

The secret to this traditional Austrian family company lies in the fact that they have no secrets! Their products are made with unforgettable flavours from the highest quality ingredients. Enjoy their sweet jams and sour pickled products - all prepared according to traditional recipes.

An Austrian Family Saga

The Staud's company has a very long history. The company was founded during the reign of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy in 1883. Back then the company sold fruit and vegetables at the Viennese Brunnenmarkt, which is still in place today.

Each generation of family members passed on their expertise and passion on to the next generation, as well as their devotion to sustainability. These values combined with their ambition, innovative ideas and knack for business ensured the company's success.

In 1971, Hans Staud took over his father's company. He then moved the company's headquarters to the Ottakring district in Vienna, where they continued to specialise in fruit and vegetables. They started making pickles and apricot preserves, quickly enjoying their success. Today Staud's makes over 200 types of sweet jams and pickled vegetables.

The stand at the Burnnenmarkt in Vienna still belongs to the company and contains the Staud's Pavillon, which is famous for its great food.


Staud's products are known for their very high quality. Each product is made according to the most strict standards of purity. The fruit that are chosen for the products are carefully selected and the preserves are made without any additives.

Staud's offer a huge variety of products from fruit syrups to compotes to sweet spreads to pickled vegetables. The brand's trademark is their 8 sided glasses with black lids. Their delicious creations are sold all over the world, from Tokyo to New York! Check out their delicious products here!