Chili Sauce

Tabasco is still produced the same way that it was 130 years ago. A natural product, the chili peppers used for the hot sauce are harvested from September to December each year. On the day of the harvest, they are mashed and mixed with small amounts of salt. Afterwards the mash is stored in oak barrels for at least three years. Once the chilli mixture has matured long enough, it is drained and vinegar is added. Finally, the whole mixture is continuously stirred for up to 4 weeks. Afterward it is filtered. 

Green Tabasco:
Green Tabasco is milder than red tabasco and is made from jalapeno peppers. A must for spice lovers!

Caribbean Chili Sauce:
These sauces are made from chopped chilies, onions, vinegar and salt. Depending on the variety, the sauces can bright red (from tomatoes) or yellow in color (from turmeric).

Tabasco sauces can taste quite different - from fiery spicy to sweet. The typical Mexican sauce is often used in Jambalaya and Chili con Carne, as well as in burritos, enchiladas and wraps.

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