100 Years of Galup - Baking Tradition from Italy

100 Years of Galup - Baking Tradition from Italy

100 years of Galup represents 100 years of baking tradition and a treasured recipe that laid the foundation for a unique success story. A story that began in 1922 in a small pastry shop in Pinerolo with a simple but brilliant idea that has grown over the years into the solid company that it is today. Galup stays proudly true to its origins and continues to nurture its close ties to the Piedmont region.

100 years of passion, creativity and innovation transformed a village confectionery store into a world-renowned brand with specialities that are appreciated around the globe. But the brand remains true to the values of its founders Pietro and Regina Ferrua. The same "Lievito Madre" or the "mother yeast" has been carefully fed and nourished for 100 years and it continues to give the dough used to make their delicacies their characteristic softness, volume and full-bodied, light taste.

100 years of pure natural ingredients that have made the fertile land they are grown on famous and treasured by the people who carefully farm it.

100 years of men and women who have preserved their invaluable artisanal skills and handed them down to the next generation.

100 years of panettone and colombe with the famous hazelnut glaze made with hazelnuts from Langhe - an incomparably delicious taste.

100 years of delicacies that have made Galup even better, whether it's their panettone at Christmas or colomba at Easter or other scrumptious creations all year round.

Galup is a name that stands for panettone and colombe made in a certain way that is unique and distinct from other products. The only panettone before Galup was the Milanese style panettone. The flatter panettone with a hazelnut glaze is the invention of Pietro Ferrua, who was born in Langhe - known as Langa in Piedmont - and lived in Pinerolo. It was his idea and his recipe: a delicious and innovative reinterpretation of the culinary traditions of Lombardy. A few years later he introduced another classic recipe from Piedmont - the Galup Colomba. Within a few years, The confectionery was awarded a patent by the royal house. The recipe has been refined over time, but the intrinsic character has remained the same and still conforms to Pietro Ferrua's specifications.

In its hundred years of existence, generations of loyal customers have enjoyed Galup's unique panettone and colombe. Galup has rewarded them with new recipes and delightful surprises that keep them coming back more.

The Italian Patent and Trademark Office has transferred Galup's distinctive logo to the Special Register of Historic Trademarks. In doing so, it confirmed the company's status as an asset of national interest - an important honour in the 100th anniversary year! Galup is proud of its history, its products and the honour bestowed upon it. Because: What would Christmas and Easter in Italy look like without Galup?