Creative Alternative Uses for Spices!

Creative Alternative Uses for Spices!

Don't have many spices at home? Now is a good time to stock up! After all, you can never have too much flavour!. Another reason to top off your collection is that spices seldom go bad. Worst case scenario, spices may lose their flavour after about two years. However, there are many creative uses for leftover seasonings.


Since the invention of pesto, basil has become an indispensable part of many cuisines, but it is also often used in cocktails. Basil is also a great way to relieve headaches. It has a relaxing effect on the muscles as well. The best way to soothe a headache is to put dried basil in a bowl of boiling water, put a towel over the bowl and your head, and inhale the steam. Just be careful that the steam is not too hot!

Basil also helps with insect bites and stings. Just apply a little bit of basil paste to the affected area.


Cumin is indispensable in Indian cuisine and is also great for burning fat. A study by an Iranian university concluded that a group of people who consumed one teaspoon of cumin per day reduced their weight by 15% after three months.

Cumin is also good for the hair: just mix some ground cumin with hair oil or water and massage into the scalp. This should help fight dandruff and hair loss.


Mint tastes great cocktails and can also be used as a non-toxic cleaner. Take a cup of baking soda, a tablespoon of salt and ¼ of a cup of dried mint. Simply mix with a little water, apply to the area you want to clean and rub away with a sponge.


This herb is popular in Italian cuisine but is also great for colds. If you have a bad cold, combine oregano with coconut oil and rub on your chest to soothe a cough.

Organo can also be rubbed on the abdomen if you are suffering from menstrual complaints. It also has a mild disinfecting effect thanks to its natural essential oils.


Combine a tablespoon of paprika with two tablespoons of honey to balance out oily skin and reduce wrinkles.


In summer, insects like mosquitos can be really annoying. Buring the rosemary can keep bugs at bay! Due to its natural astringent properties, rosemary is also a great ingredient for home-made soap.


Cinnamon is a classic Christmas spice but can also naturally act as a fungicide, keeping away parasitic fungi and spores. Just add cinnamon powder to water in a squeeze bottle, shake well and squirt onto your plants.

The scent of cinnamon also promotes memory and reduces stress. Consider baking some cinnamon cookies before your next big exam or before a stressful week!