Grilling in Winter

Much to the delight of all BBQ lovers, winter grilling is a new trend popping up all over the place! With the right preparation, grilling during winter can be just as fun as grilling during summer. 

Grilling today is an art form that truly enjoys popularity over the summer. However, grilling in winter is just as tasty. The trend is relatively new, but the taste just can't be beat. Here are a few tips for a successful winter barbecue! 

  • Your Grill
    Make sure your grill is free from snow and ice. You don't want to slip and end up with your face on the grill. Also remove any snow from the grill itself, otherwise it will not warm up properly. 
    You basically have two options: grilling outside and eating indoors or al fresco dining. If you choose the second option, going with a tent and a few additional sources of heat (such as a campfire) would not hurt.
  • Lighting
    In winter it tends to get dark quickly. So make sure you have enough light to see by. 
  • Dress Warmly
    It's not surprising- if you're going out in the winter cold, dress for it! Make sure your clothes are close-fitting. Loose clothes or loose scarf ends could catch fire around a grill, so be careful.
    Although the barbecue itself is warm and a few beers might warm you up, keep your warm clothing on. You would not believe how quickly the body cools down.
    If you're having friends over to eat and are planning on eating outside, make sure to let your friends know! 
  • Grilled Food
    In winter, limit your menu to quick meals. Sausages, steaks, grilled vegetables etc. are a great hit. Cold temperatures extend the time you need to grill, so try to stick to quick cuts. 
    To bring in a bit of variety and to make the winter grilling season something special, use seasonal grilled vegetables like pumpkin, beets and winter potatoes.
  • Side Dishes and Drinks
    A hot soup or mulled wine is the perfect complement to winter grilling. To warm you and your guests up from the inside, you can also use naturally hot spices. 
  • Generate and Maintain Heat
    At low temperatures, it is not easy to generate decent heat on the grill. For better results mix briquettes under the coals. These hold the heat better and stay hot over a longer period. Also keep in mind that you'll need twice as much coal, because it's just colder outside.
    This means that the heat builds up well and lasts longer, but you should still keep the lid close. Open the lid only as long as necessary. This also has the advantage that the wind won't blow any ash on the food.
  • Warm Your Plates
    It is best to preheat your plates in the oven. Bring them out as late as possible, otherwise the heat evaporates immediately.
    You can also grill your rolls or buns to help keep your food hot longer. 
  • Cleaning Up
    Once the grill is slightly cooled, you should take time to clean up. Fat and other leftovers can freeze quickly and then can no longer be removed properly.