Quick Summer Meals - Meat-Free & Super Easy

Quick Summer Meals - Meat-Free & Super Easy

Long, hot days followed by nights that aren't much cooler - that's when we crave food that is light and nutritious yet delicious. The problem is that most of us dread toiling over a hot stove in the kitchen. What are the alternatives to the usual salads, take-out pizza and smoothies? Let's face it - that gets boring after a while. Here we present new meat-free ideas for meals that are ready in a jiffy!

Tempeh - an exotic Indonesian delicacy made from fermented soybeans and other legumes. It is rich in protein and fibre, surprisingly filling and is ready to eat in minutes! Tempeh is simply sautéed in a little oil before being served. Depending on the variety, the taste ranges from a mild mushroom-like flavour to nutty & spicy. Now you can get this wonderful speciality right here in Europe thanks to Tempehmanufaktur based in Allgäu, Germany. Our favourite recipe for hot summer days: Stir-fried tempeh with watermelon and feta salad. Enjoy this quick and delicious meal with a garnish of fresh, cooling mint.

Convenience food for health-conscious foodies - Ready meals have a bad reputation, and justifiably so in most cases. However, there are exceptions! Organic pioneers like Davert offer delicious ready-meal mixes such as BBQ burgers, bulgur salad, sweet potato curry or veggie chunks that are also free from artificial additives. The patties and stir-fries can be prepared in just a few minutes and have another huge advantage: they also taste really delicious when cold. Serve with salad and dips or sauces and you can enjoy it twice a day - without breaking a sweat.

Tofu - a soft vegan classic suitable for a variety of recipes! Brands such as Taifun, Alnatura and Bio Primo feaure smoked, natural and spicy marinated tofu. Tofu can be seared in the pan, breaded and fried, served as cold slices or finely mashed. This mild-tasting food made from soybeans is rich in protein and very affordable too. On muggy summer evenings, we love serving thinly sliced tofu as a carpaccio marinated in classic vinaigrette garnished with tangy capers and fresh tomatoes. A glass of a sparkling summery beverage on the side - simply delicious!

Wraps and piadina - these delicious flatbreads served with filling or toppings are a great alternative to bread, pizza and sandwiches. Brands such as Sapore di Sole offer gluten-free varieties made with ingredients rich in protein and fibre such as hemp, oat, quinoa and rice flour. They are really easy to prepare. You can heat the flatbreads on each side in a pan and add the fillings of your choice. Or you can add the fillings first, roll it up and heat in the microwave on low for 2 minutes. This is especially delicious for savoury wraps with cheese and perfect for the whole family. Our tip: sweet recipes filled with fresh curd cheese, ice cream, aromatic caramel sauce or maple syrup also taste delicious - especially thanks to the mildly salty taste of the wraps. Another idea is similar to a layer cake: lay out the wraps flat on top of each other, spread your favourite sauce/syrup on each layer, cut in slices like a cake and serve. A cool, summery hit!